Exhibitions personal

1978 Editions of magazine “ Soviet Photo ”, Moscow

1979 Museum of a photo Kaunas, Lithuania

1981 Museums of photo Shauliay, Lithuania

1992 Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

1993 Museums of Photo collections, Moscow

1994 State museum “Art Gallery”, Kaliningrad

1995 Gallery "mBochum" Bochum, Germany

1996 Saarland Museum, Saarbruken, Germany

1997 Russian Museum, S.Peterburg

1999 "ifa-Galerie" Bonn, Germany

2000 "ifa-Galerie" Berlin, Germany

          Kunsthaus, Dresden, Germany

          State Museum of Art, Cottbus, Germany 

          School of Arts, Leer, Germany

2001  Anahita Gallery, Santa-Fe, USA

      Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia

2002  State Museum "Tretyakov Gallery" Goverment award, Moscow

2003  "Fine Art Gallery" University of Wuppertal Germany

      Anahita Gallery, Santa-Fe, USA

2004 "Squares" Photosoyz gallery, Moscow

     "City no time" State Moscow museum of modern art, Moscow

2006 "la nostalgia di uno squardo perduto" Palazzo Magnani,

           Reggio-Emilia, Italy, catalogue

          "Colour & B/W" National Centre of contemporary

           Photography,  St. Petersburg, Russia, catalogue

2007   "31 Years" Guereta Gallery, Madrid,  Spain, catalogue.

2008    "Out of time" Moscow House of  Photography

2009   Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, UK

2011  Clair Gallery, Munich, Germany

          Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, UK

2013  Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, UK

Exhibitions group

 1986 “Modern Art Museum”, Oxford, England

1987 “City Light” Goldsmith Gallery, London

          “Valokuuva”  Gallery, Helsinki

1988 “Contemporary Soviet Photography ” a museum of art, Odense,   Denmark

        “Say cheese ” gallery “ the Modern photo ãðàôèÿ ”, Paris

1989 "Photostrojka" Burden Gallery, New York

         “What is Photography? 150 Anniversary of Photography ”  Manege, Prague

1990 “Changing Reality ” Corcoran Museum, Washington DC the USA

1991 “Roy Boyd Gallery”, Chicago, the USA

1992 “Museum of arts”, Santa-Fe, the USA

1993 “Uber die grossen Stadte ” NGBK, Berlin

1994 “Modern of photography”   House of Art, Moscow

2001 “Fine Art Museum” Wiesbaden, Germany

      Month of Photo, m-fotografie, Paris

2002 "Calcogragie Nacional", Madrid, Spain

      Month of Photo, m-fotografie, Paris

2003  Month of Photo, m-fotografie, Paris

2004  Instituto Cervantes Joao Penalva, Boris Savelev Berlin

      Portrait, “Fine Art Museum” Erfurt, Germany

2006 "Summertime" mBochum Gallery, Bochum, Gemany

2012 "Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour",

          Somerset House,    London UK /Catalogue

          "Weltsichten. Landshaft in der  Kunst

         vom 17. bis zum 21 Jahrhundert" Cottbus, Germany / Catalogue

           "Finders Keepers" Michael Hoppen Gallery, London UK

2017   "METROPOLIS"  Michael Hoppen Gallery, London UK

2019   "Das Kunstlerische im Dokumentarischen"

           DZ BANK Kunstsammlung, Frankfurt M, Germany

            "DECLICS ANALOGIQUES" Clair Gallery,

           St.Paul de Vemce, France

            "MASTERPIECE 2019"  London





Basic publications

 1978 Soviet Photo / portfolio

1979 Soviet Photo

1984 Russian painting in Ukrainian Museums Mistectvo, Kiev

1985 Soviet Photo / portfolio

         Foto DDR/portfolio

1986 Another Russia, Thames&Hudson, London

        Cheskoslovenska fotografie/portfolio Creative Camera/portfolio London

1988 Secret City, Boris Savelev. Thames&Hudson, London

        Revue fotografie a 88/portfolio

1989 Aperture/portfolio NY.USA

1991 World&I/portfolio Washington. USA

        Changing Reality .Starwood pb. USA

1993 Uber de grossen Stadte. Berlin

1995 Contemporary Photographers SJpress  London

1999 Momente der dauer Bonn

         Hot Shue/portfolio London

2000 Bauwelt /portfolio Berlin

         Brennpunkt mag Berlin

         Photography Now magazine Berlin

         PhotoNews magazine Hamburg

2001 Madrid a torno el Sol/ Estampa Digital/portfolio Calcografia National Madrid

2003 Stationen des Augenblicks/ University of Wuppertal, Germany, Factum-arte, Madrid/ Portfolio

2005 de Fotograaf magazine/Portfolio Amsterdam*

2006 "la nostalgia di uno squardo perduto" Skira, Milan

2009 Guardian, London UK

         Evening Standart, London UK

         British Jornal of  Photography, UK

2010 Street Photography Now, Thames&Hudson,

          London UK

2019   Revista FotoargentA, Argentina


Basic collections

Corcoran museum Washington USA

DG Bank Frankfurt Germany

Museum of fine Art, Santa-Fe. New Mexico, USA

Saarland Museum, Saarbruken Germany

Staatgalerie Stuttgart

Fine art museum, Cottbus, Germany

Tretyakov Gallery Moscow

State “Russian Museum”  S.Petersburg

State Museum "Art Gallery" Kaliningrad, Russia

MBochum Gallery, Bochum Germany

Anahita Gallery, Santa-fe USA

Roy Boyd Gallery Chicago USA

Calcografie Nacional, Madrid, Spain

State Museum "House of Photography", Moscow, Russia

Factum-Arte, Madrid, Spain

University of Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany

Arte Naturalesa Group Madrid, Spain*

State Center of Contemporary photography, S.Petersburg Russia*

MOMA San Francisco, USA

Boris Savelev, born 1947

Boris began his interest in photography in 1963. In 1972, he graduated from the Moscow Aviation University and worked as an engineer. Since 1982, Boris has worked on a freelance basis for publishing houses in the USSR and abroad. Presently, Boris works exclusively on his own projects. He uses various cameras, preferring the Leica M3 with a 50mm lens. Boris prints all his photos himself using traditional and alternative (platinum, gum-bichromate) techniques.